For medical units of any form of ownership

*Not a representative of any medical unit?
We can offer other options for cooperation
in the sphere of digital interaction with users.
and we will find the most appropriate option for you!
Intrafab company is proud to present —
our cloud based storage, based on OPEN SOURCE CEPH "Indícum 02X"!

Why is it so important for your medical business?

90% of the world's information nowadays is unstructured data. Object storage is the most effective way for storing large amounts of data.
We have already made a convenient app- and web-interface for you and for your clients, which can help to store important information safety.
Cloud data storage - a convenient tool, which has gained the trust of more than 1.5 billion people around the world and this number continues to grow. They could be your customers!
43% of the world`s best clinics are already using cloud-based storage solutions – Join them number!

Choose the most suitable option for your business:

  • Delivery of hardware and software systems to the Customer`s objects

  • Sale of the Intrafab cloud object storage software for integration with existing technical customer`s infrastructure (construction of a cloud on the customer's server hardware)

  • Individual customer's technical specification

  • ProMedicus application for storing medical data in its original format, installed medical calendars, which can help you to prevent a disease

  • Service for storing customers` information by using Intrafab technical and portal infrastructure