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*does not constitute а public offer.
NO queues
No need to keep bunch of tests in a written form
No CDs with your X-ray scans, ultrasound scans, MRT scans, etc.
No longer need to download thousands of application on your device
No limits to share medical files in native formats
NO problems at all!
Yes, it is ProMedicus for 10$ a year, and that is what we cal A FAIR PRICE!

When you need to get a remote consultation, or you want to share something with your friends and relatives, you can use ProMedicus – the most convenient way to help you!

There is nothing easier — just send a link to на the selected file in your storage by using e-mail, social networks, installed messengers to your doctor or family, and they will be able to download / upload any files to your storage in their original format, including DICOM and video. This is TELEMEDICINE.

When you go abroad for treatment Promedicus becomes an irreplaceable application, which helps to upload, post, store medical hardware data. This is MEDICAL TOURISM.


7 personalized medical calendars, which can help you to prevent a disease and and you get it FRE OF CHARGE!


Health man calendar

Learn more about yourself with the Health Man Calendar!

Here you can find:

  • your own biorhythms diagrams
  • real time information about magnetic storms, atmospheric pressure and humidity mode                                         
  • information about the most widespread diseases and about their treatment
  • lunar calendar and recommendations for each lunar day

Food calendar

All secrets about tasty and healthy food for you!

And also:

  • make your own gastronomic events and share them with your friends
  • make your own gastronomic events and share them with your friends
  • make your menu based on the list of products

Medical Calendar

You do not need to fight against diseases alone anymore!

Our Medical Calendar will help you:

  • to select the time of Medication taking notifications
  • to plan a physician visit
  • to browse the history of all the drugs you have already taken
  • to make a list of necessary drugs and send to somebody who would go to a pharmacy

Alcohol calendar

Many interesting facts about history of alcohol in the Alcohol calendar! Everything you need to feel the atmosphere of an evening near a fireplace!

  • alcohol elimination time calculator
  • create an event and invite your friend to have a drink with you
  • an opportunity to share happy events with your friends and invite them for a glass of                                          wine
  • the most interesting facts from the history of alcohol

Sex Caledar

Happy and healthy couples!

  • methods of predicting a sex of a future baby
  • partner compatibility check
  • Kama Sutra
  • dates planning

Women`s Calendar

ProMedicus has analyzed all women`s calendar in the World and happy to present you the ideal one: ProMedicus Women`s Calendar!

We know what women need =)
Female cycle, ovulation, contraception, planning a visit to the doctor and more!

Medical journal

  • enter all the vitals( blood pressure and pulse rate, respiration rate etc.)
  • display of all the vitals by using diagrams and tables
  • send data to your doctor

The most important things for a healthy lifestyle in ONE application
and absolutely FREE!

Personalized calendars is our gift for you! Download ProMedicus NOW!