Our mission is development of medicine!

ProMedicus was created to show everyone how to take care of his or her health easier and with comfort. Modern technologies can and shall help preventive medicine to reach our global aim – to improve general physical and mental state of everyone!
ProMedicus is a reliable platform for storage of medical data, a mobile application with broad functionality, including seven personalized health calendars, which were created by professional doctors!

Our primary advantage is undeniable benefits for your family: you can store all your medical data in one reliable storage, we can help you in family planning, provide you with recommendations from experienced specialists, concerning food, trainings and your lifestyle. And it is not a complete list of useful options, which you can get by using our application!

Why do we think that storage and processing of medical data is the basis of the future medicine??

Trends, which the medical industry steadily follows, imply a closer integration with the sphere of IT. Countries with developed health care and health insurance systems show, that implementation with the IT sphere allows to achieve the global aim of preventive medicine. It helps to reduce death and disability related to a lack of information about patient`s state, treatment costs, helps to increase labor potential of the nation, to improve the quality of health care. Talking about government level, it can be treated like a positive contribution to the development of citizens, because psychologically and physiologically healthy society it is a basis of each government.
The implementation of IT devices presented a new direction of development in the sphere of health care.
Let us consider the example of telemedicine: health care units will be able to reduce the number of patient appointments, time that patient spend in hospital; units receive an opportunity to provide personalized care, tests. Obviously, it increases the quality of service.
Patients also receive many opportunities: to monitor their health at home, to receive highly specialized care, even in remote areas, to control their medication – everything, that will help to improve their quality of life.
In practice, this means:
  • an opportunity to diagnosis a disease earlier, and receive timely medical care;
  • patients, who are unable to attend hospitals will obtain medical consultations;
  • taking measures to prevent spread of the epidemiological diseases;
  • immediate receiving of the most important health care patient data;
  • integration of clinic equipment with the information system to receive and archive medical data;
  • improving health literacy of patients;
  • involvement of patients in the process of tracking their own health; compliance with the doctor's recommendations.
INTRAFAB presents our Object cloud storage "Indicum 02X" and ProMedicus application! They are our patented technology in the sphere of safe and fail -safe storage arrays..
We are able to store not only information. We keep you and your nerves! :-).
Klimova Nataliya
PhD in Economics,

Климова Наталия
Генеральный директор
PhD in Economics,